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Traders Fair World Shop
Lion Walk United
Reformed Church
Lion Walk Precinct

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Welcome to Traders Fair

Colchester’s Independent Fair Trade Shop.
A not for profit company run entirely by volunteers.

Fair Trade is a partnership between producers, buyers, shopkeepers and customers. It works to remove the disadvantages suffered by producers, to increase producers’ access to markets and promote a sustainable and fair income for the producers. Its mission is to promote social equity, environmental protection and economic security through trade.

Trading since 1995 as an independent company we at Traders Fair have been committed to these aims and objectives.

Membership of Traders Fair

We feel it is vitally important to involve as many people as possible, either by becoming a member or a volunteer or both, in the running of the company and in maintaining the principles and ethics on which it is founded.

We are proud to be founder members of BAFTS, The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers:

Membership is £5 per annum.

Your continued support means better conditions for some of the most marginalised people in the world.

DEEL (Deved Essex)

DEEL (formerly Development Education Essex Ltd) is now part of Traders Fair World Shop. We work with individuals, schools and community groups to promote awareness and understanding of how global issues affect the everyday lives of individuals, communities and societies across the world.

Visit our Resources page for information about about our Complete Resource Loans.

We are very grateful to The East of England Cooperative Society for their support over the years and to Lion Walk United Reformed Church, Colchester for providing retail space in their foyer and extra storage space in the basement.




“Education influences and reflects the values of society and the kind of society we want to be”

Values, Aims and Purposes, National Curriculum.

“Take every penny that you have set aside for aid in Tanzania and spend it in the UK explaining to people the facts and causes of poverty”

Julius Nyerere, former President of Tanzania

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela


Traders Fair World Shop - Colchester

The Traders Fair World Shop based in Lion Walk United Reformed Church, Colchester

A selection of fair trade goods including food gifts and cards at reasonable prices.


Images courtesy of Traidcraft / Martin Avery and Fairtrade Foundation, all other images Traders Fair.



Retail Outlet: Traders Fair World Shop, Lion Walk United Reformed Church, Lion Walk Precinct, Colchester, Essex. CO1 1LX • 07799 345483
Registered Office: 17A Northgate St. Colchester, Essex. CO1 1EZ Company Number: 03075947
Member of The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers
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